Fantasy cartographer and terrain enthusiast


I’m Anzhc, fantasy cartographer, and this is my site where you can see what i work on, my portfolio, find information on what i can provide and my contacts 🙂

Main content i provide is maps.
Different kind of them, classic fantasy maps, topographic maps and 3D. And as bonus i provide AI art.

Classic Maps

You know them, you love them.

Classic 2d maps that can be used for anything – ttrpg, books, games and other projects you might imagine.

I use Wonderdraft to create them, quite limiting in style, but quick to create and easy to work with, which let me do them very cheap.

Will work best for your casual DnD worlds and regions.

Topographic Maps

Quite a bit more interesting and complex terrain than what you would expect in classic maps.

I use my own custom library of topographic assets to create impressive landscapes for your worlds in Photoshop.

Slower to create, unless made in Wonderdraft too, but much less customization that way.

Quite a bit higher starting price, but unique and very detailed.

3D Terrain

Ever wished to see how your worlds look in 3d? Well, they are made here.

While im quite amateur with 3D landscapes pipeline as a whole, i’m still able to prototype your terrain and deliver you model and texture(including all masks you might need) for your future work with it in Blender or whatever you like to use.

Can be used as topographic maps too!

AI Art

Just a side thingie, but interesting nontheless. Useful for your stories, character arts, landscapes and whatever else you might want.

I’m using MidJourney, + rarely locally hosted StableDiffusion for additional processing. Topaz Gigapixel for upscaling, if needed.

Cheap and quick to produce.

P.S. very preferrable active communication in Discord for quick results.

Friendly Cartographers

This section contains cartographers that i know, that can deliver something i’m unable to, and those who i can vouch for. They are reliable, produce high quality art and have history of orders.

T.A. Traditional Maps

My friend, cartographer and just good human being.

He works in traditional way, drawing your maps and arts by hand. Able to deliver physically with certificate of authenticity.

Works with wide variety of maps, basically anything.

Probably one of the best choices for books that need black and white art.

Can be colored for additional price.